Hormone Patch May Increase Sexual Desire In Women

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Research has suggested that the increase in sexual desire after surgical menopause women testosterone patches. Evidence surgical menopause (in many cases, the removal of the ovaries with hysterectomy,) have suggested that 30-50 percent of women may experience loss of sexual desire.

This probably occurs because of decreased levels of sex hormone testosterone. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers have seen the effects of testosterone patches for women such accordingly. Check out also increase sexual desire women.

Received either placebo or testosterone patches twice a week a group of 447 women aged 24-70. Testosterone was given to one of three doses. What about the intermediate dose of 300 micrograms per day had an increase in sexual desire sexual activity increased 79% to 67%. At high doses, rather than sexual desire, increased sexual activity. Appears to be promising findings, we are guaranteed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of testosterone patches for further research. View increase sexual desire in women.


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