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Female libido naturally varies each year. The high frequency and low frequency, beginning or end of a major life change such as menopause and diseases generally associated with pregnancy and such, or consistent. However, reduced libido and low sex drive, or if you suffer from lifestyle changes and sexual techniques, you can put a mood more often. You maybe interested in how to increase sex drive. It is expected that some medications as well.

So what libido What woman. If you have persistent or recurrent lack of interest in sex that causes you personal distress is medically You have a hypoactive sexual desire disorder. However, you can ask for help if care must meet the definition. You want to make love, is not interested in sex, please consult your doctor. View increase sex drive in men. Perhaps you are interested in a natural way to improve the libido .


Clearly, the main symptoms of decreased libido in women is low or absent desire for sex. According to some studies, more than 40 percent of women complain of low sexual desire at some point. Perhaps you are interested in ways to increase women's libido . If you only count the women, the problem continues, - 5 to 15 percent - The percentage is smaller.

Still, researchers, and you can measure what normal is to recognize that it is difficult. The difference between you, may cause pain in May - if you want to have sex more than anything that you, as your partner in your very frequently, outside the norm for people on the stage of your life there may not be. Similarly, your sex drive, even if it is weaker than ever, your relationship may be stronger than ever. Bottom Line: The magic number is, sexual desire is not to define. Show jewels to enhance women's sexuality . It varies from woman to woman.

In this case, please see a doctor.
If you are suffering to the level of your desire for sex you have, please consult your doctor. Perhaps you are interested in a natural way to improve sexual desire if it is several times a week or once in a while actually having sex -.


Women's desire for sex is physical health, emotional well-being, based on a complex interaction of many components that affect the lifestyle and intimate experiences and current relationships, including the belief is. If you have a problem with one of these areas you have, it may affect your sexual desire. You maybe interested in foods to increase sex drive. In other words, why could not you interested in sex, there are dozens.

Physical causes
Disease, including a wide range of drugs and physical changes, may cause a decrease in libido.

  • Fuck you (fuck), or can not orgasm (anorgasmia) that occur between pain and sexual problems that have, it can hinder your desire for sex. Perhaps you are interested in increasing male libido .
  • Many diseases of medical illness is also asexual, arthritis and neurological disorders including coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, libido is could be affected. Also, check out the food increase sex drive . Even after infertility in infertility, can contribute to low sexual desire.
  • Many drugs prescription drugs - including antidepressants blood pressure medications and chemotherapy drugs, the - the infamous killer of libido. Please refer to increase male libido . Antihistamines may also be able to reduce your sex drive.
  • Although using a glass of wine alcohol and drugs you might feel amorous when is too much alcohol can ruin your sex drive. The same is true of medicine in the same street.
  • Surgery. All operations related to the reproductive organs of your chest and body image, may affect the function or libido. See how to increase women's sex drive naturally .
  • Fatigue of caring for aging parents and young children. Depletion can contribute to low sexual desire.

Hormonal change
Changes in your hormone levels can change your desire for sex. Show how to improve the libido .

  • Menopause. Estrogen helps to maintain healthy vaginal tissues and your interest in sex. However, the drop in the transition period to menopause estrogen levels can cause a double whammy - the results of the uncomfortable pain and sex, sex, dryer, decreased interest in vaginal tissue. At the same time has been reduced to enhance your libido testosterone between men and women as well as women, may also occur. Show herbs to increase libido . Many women, remains a satisfactory sex after menopause, some women, the delay between changes in sexual hormones.
  • Pregnant and lactating pregnant or breastfeeding right after birth. You can put a damper between changes in sex hormones. Of course, the hormone is the only factor affecting intimacy during these times no. Fatigue, changes in body image and pressure transmitted - or care - a new baby will be able to contribute to changes in your sexual desire. View increase sex drive naturally. See how to increase libido .

Psychological cause
Your problem may not be the practice is not necessarily a physical or biological. And includes a number of psychological causes for sexual desire.

  • Mental health problems such as anxiety and depression such
  • Such work and stress, financial stress and stress
  • Poor body image
  • Have low self-esteem
  • The history of physical or sexual abuse

Related issue
For many women, emotional closeness is an essential prelude to sexual intimacy. To allow the issue of your relationship can become a major factor in low sex drive. Such as decreased interest in sex: ongoing problem is often the result.

  • Lack of connection with your partner
  • Unresolved conflicts or fights
  • Poor communication of sexual needs and preferences
  • Adultery and breach of trust


Gynecologist or primary care physicians, often as part of routine medical care visits, and questions about sex and intimacy. You have to be candid about your gender, take advantage of this opportunity. If your doctor has not broach it. Be embarrassed to talk about sex with your doctor you on this topic, you can not fully appropriate. In fact, your sexual satisfaction is an integral part of overall health and happiness. See natural ways to increase sex drive. Refer to increase the male libido .

What you can do
To prepare for this discussion with your doctor:

  • When, how often, usually including their experience, please make note of the sexual problems experienced. See increase sex drive in women naturally.
  • That treated you, including your name, all conditions have been taking any medications and vitamins and supplements, make a list of your important medical information. View increase sex drive naturally.
  • To consult a doctor, write down the questions they consider. In order to bring a pen to write down information such as an address for letterhead and doctors questions like that.

Some basic questions to ask your doctor is as follows.

  • They are what is causing my problem available?
  • If I get back to what my level of desire had ever?
  • What lifestyle changes, to improve the situation I do I do. View dickenhancer?
  • Is there any treatment?
  • You can recommend books and other reading materials like you?

The doctor can question
Doctors will evaluate the questions about symptoms you are experiencing hormonal state. Check out also increase sex drive. Perhaps you are interested in increasing sex drive naturally . See how to increase sex drive in women naturally. Questions your doctor can get is as follows.

  • Do you have any sexual interest?
  • What has changed what the interest in sex?
  • We are excited to have a problem?
  • You will experience vaginal dryness please.
  • Are you able to have an orgasm?
  • Do you have pain or discomfort during sex?
  • Do you feel your sexual problems How much pain?
  • How many have experienced this problem?
  • Do you still have a menstrual cycle?
  • Do you sometimes treated for cancer?
  • Have you ever had any gynecological surgery before?
  • How do I take vitamins or drugs, what?

Tests and diagnosis

Screening tests, in a personal sexual acts that cause pain, in order to clarify the persistent or recurrent lack of acceptance of sexual thoughts, the definition of when you are diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder may also be due. Just like if you find a way to help, whether to comply with this medical diagnosis, your doctor is to find the reason for absence is like a high sex drive as you.

In order to assess your situation, the doctor may:

  • To ask you about your medical history. Bring your doctor's concern for low sexual desire and the will to take prescription drugs and OTC drugs perhaps you, look for physical causes of the problem. Changes in thyroid function and diabetes and high blood pressure like this, undiagnosed medical condition can also reduce your libido. Also, check out increase sex drive .
  • Perform a pelvic examination. During a pelvic examination, and thinning of vaginal dryness and painful spots in your genital tissues such as the trigger, the doctor is, you can check for signs of physical changes that contribute to low sexual desire.
  • The test you and your doctor will determine the level of desire that can help you find the reason for low desire. Screening, we recommend thyroid studies and research.
  • Please can you see the specialist. You may be able to evaluate the factors that cause a more concrete relationship between the counselor and sex therapist emotions and gender.

Drug treatment and

To increase women's libido, drugs and medicines are not simple. You maybe interested in herbs to increase sex drive. In fact, most women behind these conditions, benefit from a multifaceted treatment approach aimed at a number of reasons. See increase sex drive men. This is sex education, counseling, lifestyle changes, medication sometimes is that it has.

Lifestyle changes you can make
A healthy lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your desire for sex.

  • The exercise. Regular aerobic exercise and strength training, improving the image of your body to increase your stamina, improve your sex drive can improve your mood.
  • Less stress. Stress of work, you can increase your sex drive to find better ways to deal with financial stress and the hassles of daily life. You maybe interested in foods to increase sex drive.
  • Be happy. Personal happiness and well-being is important to sexual interest. Find a way to bring a little extra joy to your world so.
  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises have) in order to improve awareness of sexual sensation and pleasure involved in your muscles, you can increase your libido. If it is not to perform these exercises as if to stop the flow of urine, please tighten your pelvic muscles. Hold 5 counts, relax and repeat. These exercises are conducted several times a day.

Relevant changes can be made to you and your partner
For women, the more emotional intimacy leads to better sexual intimacy often.

  • Your partner. Communication and conflicts and disagreements are a natural part of all concerned. Open, but good sex can lead to strong emotional connection than normal couple, learn how to fight fair and honest communication, and maintenance. It is also important to communicate about sex. Talk to your likes and dislikes, you can set the stage for more sexual intimacy.
  • Please make a counseling. To speak with an experienced counselor to deal with sexuality and sex therapist can help to lower the libido. You maybe interested in ways to increase sex drive. Treatment includes education about sexual response recommendations for reading practice and often a couple of materials and techniques.
  • Set aside time for intimacy. Sex schedule to your calendar may seem contrived and boring. However, priority in order to close, you can return your sex drive at the track. Check out also foods that increase sex drive in women.
  • Add a little spice to your sex life. Different sexual positions, please try a different location at different times of day and gender. You and your partner, experiment, if it is open to sex toys and fantasy can be updated for your sexual sizzle.

Treatment for sex
Drugs needed to treat low libido at all times. Show enhance the libido . But they can help.

  • Treat the underlying cause of the libido. By addressing the underlying disease or medication known to have normal sexual libido side effects, it is the first medical intervention. This may include treatment of the condition is not detected prior to departure, you can adjust your current medications can be changed.
  • -. Systemic estrogen therapy estrogen therapy pills, patches, or gel - can have a positive effect on the factors that affect brain function and mood of sexual response. Check out also ways to increase sex drive in women. Local estrogen therapy - in the form of creams or vaginal suppositories, sustained-release or ring placed in your vagina - and increase blood flow to the vagina, can increase motivation. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe a combination of estrogen and progesterone.
  • Testosterone therapy. Male hormones like testosterone, female testosterone plays an important role in female sexual function occurs at a much smaller volume. Perhaps you are interested in foods increase the libido . But it's (FDA) Food and Drug Administration for female sexual dysfunction has been approved by the (FDA) can replace testosterone in women and have a discussion. Plus, it's acne, excessive body hair (hirsutism), it may cause negative side effects including mood and personality changes and, with. Testosterone as a result of ovarian surgery to remove most effective for women with low testosterone levels (ovariectomy). You maybe interested in unresolved conflicts or fights impact on female sex drive. Show enhance female libido naturally . If you choose to use this treatment, the doctor will monitor your symptoms to make sure that you have not experienced the negative side effects closely. Check out also foods that increase sex drive. Also, check out how to improve women's libido .

Coping and Support

Sexuality has become very difficult if for you and your partner. Check out also foods that increase sex drive. Frustration and sadness that you like, a sexy romantic nature can not be - or it was. At the same time, decreased libido, may lead to conflict and strife, your partner can feel rejected. You can add your lack of real desire for sex has been associated with this type of confusion.

This change in your sex drive may be useful to remember that this is a normal part of every relationship and every stage of life. See the herb to enhance libido . All your attention, please do not have a focus on gender. Instead, spend some time to nurture yourself and your relationships. Take a long walk. Get a little extra sleep. Before heading out the door you kiss your partner goodbye. Make a date night at your favorite restaurant. Good mood for yourself and your partner then you best foreplay, you can really. Also, check out the food increase sex drive in women .

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