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Human penis size is the measured length and width of a human penis . Arousal level, time, temperature, frequency of sexual activity, due to lack of reliability and methods of measurement, because of natural variation in size, the most accurate measurement of the human penis, comes from several measurements at different times that. Other primates, including large, as compared to primates such as gorillas, including the human male reproductive organs, both in size relative to the rest of the body and absolutely, is a large . The result is that the study relies on self-monitoring reports, together with significantly higher compared with the average measurements of the staff varies, but the average erect human penis is approximately 12.9 to 15.0 cm (5.9 to 5.1 for in length). The length of the flaccid penis is a bad estimate of the vertical length. Check out also penis improvement. Most of the human penis growth happens between infancy and 5 years, 5 years after the onset of puberty . Check out also causes erectile dysfunction.

There is evidence both for and against the link between body size and other parts of penis size. Several environmental factors such as genetic as well as the presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals , may affect the growth of the penis. Adult penis length of less than 7 cm or just over 2 inches erect otherwise normally formed as having, in the context of health care has been called the penis the state. Circumcised men are 8 mm shorter in terms of average erect length compared to the corresponding intact. [1]


Recognition of the size of the penis is a culture-specific. In ancient Greece and Renaissance art, subject to circumcision or larger, while small penis culturally, humans were considered desirable for circumcision was viewed as comical or grotesque penis. In ancient Rome, may have the opposite view, in the Middle Ages had a larger penis size and preferably Arabic literature . [ reference needed ] men compared to those of others very easily, you can not underestimate the size of his penis, many men believe that penis size is insufficient and they are have an average size penis. Recognizing that you have a large penis, which is often linked to higher self-esteem. [2] For women, the width rather than length is a more important factor in sexual stimulation. [3] that led to type the risk of contraction of the penis in folklore collective hysteria , known as penis panic can be reduced to the size of the formation of scar tissue of the penis from a medical condition called cause legally penis, Peyronie's disease . [4] [5] marketers penis enlargement product is to use the fear of deficiencies, methods nonsurgical any increase either the length or the thickness of bone in the normal range is already permanently in There is no consensus in the scientific community. You maybe interested in penis long.

Study on Penis Size

The results vary across studies, the consensus is that it implies , a length of about 12.9 to 15 cm in 95% of the human penis (at 5. View erectile disfunction treatment.9 to 5.1) is a confidence interval of (10.7 cm, 19.1 cm m) (or, equivalently, 4.23 in, 7.53 in). [6] [7] [8] The typical consensus on the circumference approximately 3.9 cm (1.54 in) in diameter when fully requires a 12.3 centimeter (4.85) is upright .

Trusted source, another relaxed (flaccid, erect non-) 4 inches small penis in humans (~ 10. See sex tips for weak erections.2 cm), which claims to have a diameter of 1 inches and the average length of (~ 3.2 cm) (in/10.1 result in a circumference of 3.9 cm approximately) The circumference of the fully upright upright 4. See how to keep a longer erection.71in/11.9 cm, a result, the average length of 6 (~ 15.2 cm) 1 or more inch (diameter of 3.8 cm) have a. [9]

The average penis size is slightly larger than the median size. The study did not find a relationship between race and penis size. [10] has been shortened to an average of 8 mm side length of the erect as compared to corresponding intact uncut men. [1]

Size at birth

Average of about 4cm (1.6), and 90% of newborn boys and from 2.4 to 5.5 cm (0.9 and 2.2), extending the length of the penis at birth to between. Limited growth of the penis, which occurs between birth and five years old, and occurs between the onset of almost five years of adolescence . The average size at the start of puberty is reached adult size of 6 cm to about 5 years (2.4) is. WA Schonfeld announced a penis growth curve in 1943. [11]

Size with age

Authors review research on the area of the size of the penis, "adolescence is marked where the growth is exactly the length of the penis flaccid, until, under the changed cm at birth four very small . Check out also have sex longer. "and concluded that [12]

Age is not considered to negatively correlate with penis size. You maybe interested in sex pill. "... The individual studies penis size, the study focused on older men suggests that it is small, Wylie and Eardley, to match the results of various studies that they The overall difference [for a period of 60 years] was not found " [12], the size of the testicles but there is some evidence to suggest that it is gradually reduced in the younger cohort . [13]

Vertical length

Have been several scientific studies on the erect penis length of an adult. Including those from Internet surveys, studies rely on self-monitoring have reported a higher average length than those that use a medical or scientific method to obtain consistent measurements. [8] [14]

The following research staff measured in different subgroups of the population of each human (ie, race and / or specific age range, which is composed of sexual health issues and patient selection self-selection ) Cause and the bias of the sample . View how to get a hard on fast. [14] [15]

  • The study, published in the Journal of Urology September 1996, 12.9 cm average erect length (5.08) (measured by staff) concluded. [6] The purpose of the study, "was to provide guidelines of penile length and circumference to assist in counseling. patient to consider increasing the penis." erection, 80 physically pharmacologically normal American men (various ethnic, average age 54) were induced. Check out also sx male enhancement. It was concluded. "Length of erections predicted the exact size and age of the patients in both the flaccid penis."
  • 13.6 cm average penis length white males of 50 Jewish study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, December 2000 (5.35) and (measured by staff) turned out to be. [7] quote: "The purpose of this prospective study to identify clinical and engineering parameters of the flaccid penis for prediction of the size of the penis during erection could be." erectile pharmacological was induced in 50 Jewish Caucasian patients who had been evaluated erectile dysfunction (47 14Y average age). Penile abnormalities and patients may be due to several psychological origin were excluded from the study ED.
  • A study conducted by Lifestyles condoms was 2.1 cm (0.8) (measured by staff), the standard deviation of 14.9 cm (5.9) found the average. [8] The purpose of this study was to confirm the availability of appropriately sized condoms.
  • Review was published in the May issue of BJU International 2007, 12-13 cm (at 5.1 to 4.7) to be 14-16 cm (6.3 to 5.5 in) to the average erect penis girth and indicated length. The paper compared the results of 12 studies conducted in different populations in several countries. [12]
  • Italian study of 3,300 men is about 5 inches in length was stretched (13 cm) were measured on average concluded. See sexual enhancement herbs. In addition, correlations were observed between weight and height and the length of the penis. But this is done in 500, had little correlation value. You maybe interested in erection aid. [16]
Vertical circle
  • Circumference of the shaft are three points (base, mid-shaft, and just below the head) was measured at 1.3 on average, standard deviation of 12.63 cm (4.972 inches) lifestyle studies have found an average of Cancun, cm ( 0.5 in) from the. [8]

The present study is about the same result, around the full adult erect shoot measurements, mid-penile shaft. [ reference needed ] as the length, the study relied on self-measurement consistently reported a significantly higher mean value compared with measurements of the staff.

Relaxation length

In one study, 3.5-inch (8.9 cm), such as finding the average flaccid penis length (as measured by staff). [6] review several studies have found that the average flaccid length of 9 10 cm. [12] does not correspond to the length of the erect penis flaccid penis length is not necessarily performed. . While growth is relatively small flaccid penis some big, some small flaccid penis will grow much longer [17] [18]

Slang for penis and scrotum due to action by the "shrinkage" is referenced by the cold and tense, and can contract involuntarily in response to the cremasteric muscle . The same phenomenon is prolonged pressure on the perineum, affecting cyclists and users of the bike saddle distortion of the movement that causes involuntary contractions and the penis and scrotum. This is the "Jimuboru" or "saddle balls" is called. The wrong saddle, and eventually causes erectile dysfunction (see crotch pressure for more information. You maybe interested in male inhancement.)

Erection that was missing when flaccid, colloquially "producer" would be significantly larger penis when you are known as, the upright while, "shower" raise a little more relaxed when they are known as indicates the length.

The length of the flaccid penis is a bad estimate of the length of the upright. . Better estimate is revised as shown by Wiley and Erdley, the length of 13 cm from the age of 12, which is stretched [12]

Distributed by the size of penis Micropenis

Adult penis length of less than 7 cm or just over 2 inches erect otherwise normally formed as having, in the context of health care has been called the penis the state. [19] The condition affects 0.6% of men. [18] identified several possible causes is a deficiency of pituitary growth hormone and / or gonadotropin light of androgen insensitivity , a variety of genetic syndromes, and variations in certain Homeobox genes. Depending on the penis can be dealt with growth hormone and testosterone treatment in infancy. The operation also in case of an adult penis is available to increase the size of the penis. [20]

Environmental impact on the size of the penis

That difference in penis size between individuals has been suggested that due to not only genetics but also by environmental factors such as: culture , diet , exposure / contamination chemicals, [21] [22] [23] [24] , such as endocrine disruption caused by exposure to a chemical modification of the genitalia in both sexes (among many other issues) are linked to. From chemical synthesis of both (eg pesticides, antibacterial triclosan , plasticizers , plastic, etc. .. to) and natural (eg, lavender oil and tea tree oils found in: Chemicals [25] [26]) Source is that endocrine disruptors have been linked to various degrees. View treatment for delayed ejaculation. Both the PCB and the plasticizer DEHP is associated with small penis size. [27] [28] measured the metabolites of DEHP from the blood of pregnant women is associated with a significant reduction in the width of the penis , short anogenital distance , and incomplete descent testes of newborn son The effect of replication was identified in animals. View sexual dysfunction treatment. [29] have about 25% of U.S. women have phthalate esters to levels similar to the test. [29] 2007 study by the University of Ankara , in medical school, as a result some may find that reducing the size of the penis hormone therapy in combination with external beam radiation therapy . [30]

Recognition of the size of the penis Historical recognition





. For a bag of gold, weighing drew his large erect penis. Romans, the admired the large penis of playing God.


Kenneth Dover's landmark study "Greek Homosexuality", according to Greek art, had an extreme interest in the genitals were not obsessed with size. Q & A column every week, " straight dope based on a survey earlier in Dover and artistic pornography Greek by "inference, ancient Greece or larger, whereas that was seen as comical penis circumcised, and uncircumcised, Culturally small penis are usually found in men were considered desirable, or grotesque, " the god of fertility , half-animal creatures such as satyrs , ugly old man, and barbarians . " [32]

CBC Radio that, according to some sources, has proposed the ancient Romans had a viewpoint opposed to the Greeks. [31] It was also the case in medieval Arabic literature has long been given priority in the penis, such as, Arabian Nights tale, "and members of large-scale called". You maybe interested in libido increase. As a witty satire of this fantasy, the 9th century Afro-Arab author Al-Jahiz Ha wrote: "The length of the penis if it was a badge of honor, the mule (family honor) will belong to Quraysh . " [33]

Has also been alluded to penis size Bible .

"As I became tired of the Oholibah, so she gave themselves to satisfy their desires alone in front of them myself, as I had refused her sister, she Deny. 19 But remember the time she was young, she is 20 her larger prostitution prostitute in Egypt lovers with genitals as large as those emissions, such as the donkey and horse Lusted was followed. Ezekiel 23:18-20, New Living Translation of [34]

Male self-awareness

Men are very simple cause, may be underestimating the size of their penis relative to that of the others perspective overlooking resulting from the accumulation of fat at the base of the penis or cause. You maybe interested in male enhancement that works. [35] Survey by sex researchers believed was of insufficient size of their penis showed many of the men had an average size penis. [36] In another study, we found that sex education is helpful in a typical measurement of the penis to relax a patient's care for a small penis size, most of what is wrong in had a normal medical or belief. [37] have higher self-esteem is linked to the recognition of having a big penis. See penis enlarger pills. [2]

Among gay men

Research conducted at the University of Utrecht, the study considered the majority of gay men large penis as ideal, that one is linked to their self-esteem. It was found that [38] One study analyzed self-reported the Kinsey data, statistically significant compared with heterosexual penis they found that had set up a gay man. [39] One potential explanation given is the difference of exposure to androgen hormones in the developing embryo. It shall also have to exaggerate the size of their penis, the evidence points toward the men of each of these two directions. [40]

Anxiety about penis size

Extensive private concerns related to size of the penis, which led to a number of folklore sayings and popular culture reflections related to the size of the penis. Penis panic is a form of mass hysteria , including the elimination or reduction of the penis known as believed, genital shrinkage syndrome [ reference needed ]. From a condition called large penis can reduce scar tissue formation for Peyronie's disease affects up to 10% of men. [41] Such pumps penis pills and other dubious means a product penis enlargement is part of most commercial products. Of spam . Already in normal range now permanently (4.5 "to 7") consensus in the scientific community. You maybe interested in penis long of any non-surgical techniques to increase either the width or length of the erect penis is not true. Check out also male enhancement natural. [42]

Other parts of the body size and penis size

There is evidence both for and against the link between body size and other parts of penis size. One study showed a weak correlation between height and foot size and stretched penis size. [43] Another study failed to find evidence for a link between shoe size and stretched penis size. [44] [45]

Potential explanation for the link, is that some of the same is controlled by the development of the embryo penis of Hox genes (in particular HOXA13 and Hoxd13 ) [forty-six] , such as those that control limb development. Several mutations in Hox genes control the growth of limbs, malformed genitalia (that causes genital syndrome hand-foot ). [47] to

Setting the size of the study of sexual partners among

The study, published in BMC Women's Health is investigating a woman's preferences about penis size and concluded that width rather than length, the more important factor of sexual stimulation. [3]

Was found in the cover story published similar results in Psychology Today , [48] [49] Readers of approximately 1,500 male body images (woman of about 2 / 3) to investigate. Many women, men and over 71% related to the size of the penis in particular is thought overstated the importance of penis size and shape did not. In general, women were polled to take care about more than the width of a man thought less about the length. "... The number one reason women preferred a thicker penis was that intercourse was more satisfactory."

Another study was conducted at the University Hospital Groningen , 375 sexually active women (who recently gave birth) and asked the importance of penis size and concluded: "Clearly in the minority, female respondents considerable importance is attached to the big nonetheless significant proportion of the male genitals. " [50]

Long-term size queen, their sexual partners to have larger than average penis (s) is slang for those who prefer. [51] [52]

Comparison with other primates

Compared to other primates , including large primates such as gorillas , and a large human male genitals. View how to last longer in sex. The human penis is absolutely to the rest of the body, both in relative size, is thicker than that of both the long and the other primates. [53] ( see the effects of differences in morphology and length of the penis evolution of penis size big man for the benefit of hypotheses related to group sex, differences in the size of the average penis in the species and human) could explain factors may have led to.

Penis size and condom use

184 One study in Australia, saw the penis length and circumference related to condom breakage or misalignment. 3658 condoms were used. In the study, condoms, if used correctly, the percentage of 1.34 percent of the total failure rate of 3.39% and corruption, sliding, 2.05%, had found it. The length of the penis, the large size of the damage with increasing speed, but did not affect the slip was strongly correlated with the circumference of the penis and the condom broke. [54]

Please also see. Reference Note
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