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*** Magna RX has been discontinued! Please see our review of penis enlargement pills page for penis enlargement top pick us!

Magna - RX is arguably one of the most famous brands of penis enlargement pills on the market today. Maxim ads in the past, GM and Rolling Stone, and answer the question, Magna Rx is what really work? Before we begin our testing and research, the product faced with a considerable reputation. Our study, however, showed negative results.

Just 10 people to use the Magna RX 20-30 for 6-8 weeks in our study, look no results were in. Almost half the gain in it. So there is no benefit two men. Many did not please see an increase in libido. We review under a detailed account of our products, ingredients Magnra Rx, or exactly what each component, we have provided and our test results.

Magna RX pills product claims

Magna RX is, do the following claims.

  • Increase your penis naturally
  • Difficult to give a longer-lasting erections
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence level
  • To satisfy your lover like never before
Magna RX how it works

Once again it can not answer this question about the product did not work for our subjects is difficult. Information about the effectiveness of the material is located there as well anywhere on the site of Magna RX, most previous trials, Lord have come to the conclusion. Magna RX is to see the results within 60 days money back guarantee on most clients, they argued that there is no need to issue rarely return.

Magna RX results

Our challenge is hardly any effect on the size of their penis after 6-8 weeks of taking this product was found. It was not that subtle effects on the libido. Most men reported a strong urge to have sex. We are the length and thickness, no changes have been reported either no change in the ability to maintain an erection of the penis and one of the subject. Check out also is sextagin better that magnarx. We, as an effective method of penis enhancement, we do not recommend this product. View ampwomen stories.

Magna RX safety information

You can not find any information on the site itself is a component of care. Upon examination, however, is an expression of our Magna RX has the potential to hurt you could not find anything. Please refer to the following components. We have to report dangerous or potentially serious side effects from using this product can not be.

Magna RX money back guarantee

Magna RX is provided with a 60 day refund policy. See male libido booster.

Component of supplement Magna RX

For a list of ingredients it is when we came to check out the site, the site said they found it to be. We conducted our own investigation to prepare a list of this component.

Please note that there are more uses for these herbs *, however, the benefits are listed only the most relevant to sexual function / expansion of the penis / genital health.

  1. Pygeum Africanum is (bark) - This is used by tribes for thousands of years in South Africa, in Europe in the 1700s has now spread to medicine. Check out also enlarge pills. In animal studies, increased the number and viability of sperm count is also used traditionally as an aphrodisiac, to enhance sexual performance. Check out also rigirx plus in hyderabad.
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  1. Maca (Maca Meyenii) (Root) - The trend higher over the mountains of the Andes and the growth this route, treatment of impotence in men to increase fertility, improve sexual performance, traditional Andean Indian to be an aphrodisiac are used to. You maybe interested in male enhancement penis.
  1. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum) - British known as the Yanfuo otherwise. This leaves, in the traditional erectile dysfunction, chronic fatigue syndrome as an aphrodisiac and was used in ancient Chinese medicine to help cure them. It also helps to enhance the senses and emotions during sex.
  1. Oats straw - I see a direct benefit to help expand or sexual. Been used to calm the nerves most commonly oat straw, helps to promote normal sleep patterns and osteoporosis.
  1. Catauba - Brazil infusion of the bark grows on trees. This is by stimulating the nervous system traditionally has been used to improve sexual performance.
  1. Oriental Ginseng (root) - Ginseng had been used to treat sexual dysfunction in tradition. In the 2002 study conducted by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine has found that both American and Asian ginseng, while promoting penile erection, libido and enhance sexual performance.
  1. L - Argenine - amino acids useful in the treatment of male infertility, sperm count and sperm movement as well as to improve the systemic circulation, including the strengthening of the genital
  1. Nettle (leaf) - the root of the nettle, which helps to reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostate, I do not see the connection between sexual health and happiness of the nettle leaves and penis enlargement or .
  2. Cayenne (fruit) provides the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy arteries protector and a healthy blood flow.
  1. Muirapuama Puama near the Orinoco River in Venezuela and Brazil (whole herb), indigenous tribes, such as nerve aphrodisiac, used this treatment for centuries to treat impotence and to help with depression.
  1. Substance Orchic - Cattle (cows) extracted from the testes. It increases testosterone levels without harmful steroids.
  1. Oyster Extract - a good source of natural zinc. Has been used traditionally used to enhance a natural aphrodisiac and fertility.
  1. Toribyurasubyu L. (aerial part) - is used as an aphrodisiac in traditional Ayurveda. You maybe interested in rock hard erection pills. Animal testing in the control room when the administration set, which indicates an increase in testosterone levels.
  1. Pumpkin (seed), the response of the immune system to increase the beneficiaries of the liver can be. You maybe interested in penis enlargement review. Direct benefit to me is to see sexual enhancement and penis enlargement. View male sexual supplements.
  1. Shiodeofishi boron (root) - also known as "Sarsaparilla." This route is among other things, that are known to detoxify the blood and liver and increased urination. But I have any direct benefit to not see or penis enhancement sexual health. See treatment of premature ejaculation.
  1. Astrgalus (root) - Chinese traditional route or improving energy "solutions." And you can strengthen your immune system is a natural diuretic and also a health supplement. But I have to increase sexual virility and penis size does not directly refer to the link.
  1. Liver (as boron citrate) impact mitigation and treatment of osteoporosis - helps to help prevent memory loss for those with Alzheimer's disease. Do not link directly to the penis health and growth ... found.

Magna RX Web Site Support

Not so good. We are trying to use the live chat, tested, "Ashley" was answered by. We are so, and ask questions about the product, "How long will it take to operate Magna Rx?", We, Ashley "discount" great was said to provide only did not know the information about the product. Very difficult to communicate with or visit the Magna RX staff throughout the review process.

Impression of the company

First, we list the ingredients for, when you try to search the official website of the penis pills , we could not find anything. When we tried to contact them, we are almost no information, then came out. View pills for erectile dysfunction. Web site is a mess, the product did not produce a result.
Many of the components, if I have all the possibilities in terms of sexual enhancement wondered since, including our Magna RX in our study, the possibility of penis enlargement sperm count or growing and solid came out negative. According to our research, this product does not meet the claims that are described in the site.

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