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Passion Rx reviews, testimonials, benefits and side effects

After years of research, renowned doctor Reisaheru, MD , author of the book Natural sex boosters, sexual enhancement products are formulated to have a significant effect on male and female sexual enhancement. See how to get a fast erection. Passion Rx sexual pleasure and improve sexual stamina. Sexual drive or libido increase, promote sexual thoughts, leading to more engorged penis and improve blood flow. View herbal male enhancers. Improved orgasmic climax and discover both men and women. It supports many aspects of human sexual experience, and maintain. Check out also hard penis. Passion Rx has been offered to consumers in 2004, became one of the best-selling herbal sexual improvement products on the market. Check out also ed remedy.

Passion Rx ingredients:
Some of t he powerful herbal extracts, Ashwagandha, catuaba, cnidium, executive cistanches, include horny goat weed , maca, Muirapuama puama, passion flower, Lj100 , Suma Extract, Tongkat Ali , Yohimbe Bark Extract extraction, berberine, and the extract of Tribulus bumblebee.

Buy Passion Rx formula physician websites. Not only does it help the people who have the ability to perform sexual desire or enhance the sexual pleasure to those who have a normal sex drive.

Additional components of this equation
Tongkat Ali is a small tree found in the jungles throughout Malaysia and Asia Southeat. The study, Tongkat Ali, which indicates to generate the dose-dependent increase in mounting frequency of treated animals.
Toribyubyu also called "puncture vine" is a plant that is used worldwide to treat various diseases for a long time. Tribulus is to smooth muscle relaxation, may work by increasing blood flow to the corpus corpus cavernosum. Relaxant effect observed is due to increased release of nitric oxide from the endothelium and nerve endings probably.
Ha Yohimbe is the name of the tall evergreen tree bark, known as the West African yohimbe Pausinystalia. Yohimbe, 2 - acting through the nervous system increases blood flow to the genital area through the adrenergic receptor antagonism. The amount of this product Yohimbe, a potential side effect intentionally (about one-third of the other products in the market for more than half) have been kept low in order to minimize. Heart disease, a tendency for irregularity of the heart, or individuals with high blood pressure, please consult your doctor can recommend them to keep the dose of one capsule. Yohimbe is antidepressants (especially MAO inhibitors), stimulants must be used carefully in people taking drugs or heart.

Recommended use:
Passion Rx is a low dose (this is a good option) may be used in high doses can be used for fast and effective. Herbs work slower than drugs. Passion Rx drugs have serious consequences as opposed to the quick work, has been designed to work slowly to minimize side effects. For maximum effect until it is notified for others, while some users take a few days or a week or two, feeling ready for action and excitement of the hour.

We use by the elderly, they stimulate the contraction of the heart, more than 70 years since they tend to cause rapid heart rate, prefer to take the herbs in Passion Rx or other sexual. You are over 70 years, if approved by the physician and healthy, you can take herbs every day using only half the recommended dose.

I have ordered an Rx contraceptive without any problems burning it during the trial taking Clen cycle in oral contraceptive Lo, wanted to see.
Passion Rx has been sold since 1994, we have birth control pills or Tri - The problems of women were reported to us on the Saikuren Lo. View best erection pills.

Cardiovascular problems, heart problems and medication

We have most of them, so to try to avoid the possible side effects If we and our beat faster heart to take herbal sex enhancer, not to advise them of problems and blood pressure and heart is not . Check out also extra sex power ayurvedic items urdu language. If you have moderate or severe high blood pressure, please do not take your passion for Rx. Do you have heart disease, please do not take Passion Rx if taking heart medications.

Human dietary supplements have not been used in combination with vitamin C, vitamin E, fish oil, magnesium, calcium, and the same time it may take glucosamine and chondroitin. See ed causes and cures.
You mention vitamins, supplements and tonics this generally safe minerals and nutrients, which can be taken the same day, the final decision must be made to your doctor. Check out also how to increase a womans sex drive.

Hypertension, high blood pressure, herbal passion one can receive blood pressure affects the blood pressure medication temporarily, and yohimbe. See tantric exercises for men. The effect of the last few hours yohimbe, and we intentionally put the third or quarter of yohimbe bark in order to minimize potential side effects, that are present in other products, yet still benefit from it get some of the. Clinically we have not found a significant increase in blood pressure with a single capsule. We have not tested the 2 or 3 capsules, the majority of people are aware of the beneficial effects of even one half of the capsule. This small amount of yohimbe even affect blood pressure, the effect will only last a few hours and a minimum. Be extra cautious in patients with hypertension are taking a slow approach to sex, with half of the capsule for a period of 3-4 days, you can do so under medical supervision. We are diuretics,-blockers , many users have a passion in the Rx drugs including ACE inhibitors and various. Under medical supervision, high blood pressure can be used at lower doses Passion Rx without difficulty. View kikisu male potency.

I'm now taking amlodipine for hypertension, high blood pressure and if it is safe to use drugs and this passion Rx Is.
Passion Rx is a safe for patients with mild hypertension have not been taking medication, we do not have a feedback on the combination of different blood pressure medications and passion Rx. If approved by your doctor, we will one day, we recommend that you use one-third off two days of the capsule. This can reduce the side effect profile is much more time consuming process.

I am Ministry of multiple sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis is a 59-year-old woman. See neg side effects of leverage male enhancement. Passion Rx or help me?
Because it is the role of your doctor, we are in a position to have concrete proposals. We can say, two days off a number of physicians in a variety of conditions, it is recommended to patients is to use lower doses of half a capsule in two days. This approach may take some time to work to minimize any side effects or interactions with drugs and various medical conditions.

I Mukunahabu Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's disease I have is taking the Mukuna Mukuna. You maybe interested in ejaculation male. I occasionally take a Cialis. Do not bring none of them any problems. My doctor knows nothing about natural medicine.
We are the first expression, we suggest that you learn how it works for you by itself, without interference from other supplements and medicines. We Cialis, Viagra, combine imply the same day as Passion Rx Levitra or not. It is also possible to combine low doses of Mukuna and expression.

I am pregnant and lactating mothers are nursing mothers. What I'm safe to take this product?
We have to indicate whether it is safe, do not have any study. It's a good question and we do not have an answer at this time.

Passion Rx drug used for prostate problems and for PBH, but can be used by those with a mild BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia patients with severe, probably should avoid using.

I take the Flowmax Passion RX Hytrin to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and is OK to know whether to take on these drugs. You maybe interested in increase libido naturally.
It is, for every product sexual enhancement, whether it is a completely safe herbal medicines and to give a blanket statement that there is no interaction with or drugs is not possible. They all carry a risk. Much of this risk, the increased risk of side effects, high doses of sexual enhancement products, namely, dose-dependent. We did not doubt the passion that herbs interfere with Hytrin and FlomaxRx, we are about this, can not be identified. When we use the approach that is very low doses has not encountered any significant side effects.

This product was prostate cancer, or has increased or decreased risk of prostate cancer?
Little human research, in terms of impact on health of the prostate while available in most of the herbs, because it might help some herbs prostate, it is hard to say. We think that might help reduce the risk of it, we have not been confirmed.

SSRI drugs
Can you please not take the Rx passion for the same day as antidepressants and other Prozac "advise. Advice above (ie, mixed in collaboration with antidepressants), 5 also - is applied to the tryptophan and the HTP Do you want?
Many antidepressant drugs affect serotonin levels to attenuate sexual desire. 5 - HTP is converted into serotonin, which is 5 - while showing the effects of SSRI drugs, or HTP, it is counterproductive to take a libido booster such passion, such as Rx, libido and sexual enjoyment Reduce. When combined with a passion Rx, SAM such - other natural antidepressant, such as e, insomnia, may cause too much energy, and have a very stimulating effect of energy You can. SAM, such as half tablets 200mg - a small amount of e, can take the day off not using the formula aphrodisiac. Passion Rx is usually with other herbs and supplements are used for two or three days a week to allow off-shoot of the day. Another option is the St. John's wort does not inhibit their sexuality. Sometimes the best way to find, under the guidance and care to use low doses, is to learn by trial and error.

Effect of niacin testosterone level I (acid form nichotinic) has taken a day 500mg / in. I am trying to raise my testosterone levels. Passion - The Rx Yohimbe, or help you achieve this?
We are male enhancement products, but this herb increases testosterone levels, the majority of users do not conduct research to determine whether blood or notice to enhance sexuality. You maybe interested in male stamina pills. It is when you combine medications and supplements, we recommend that you start at lower doses. You maybe interested in buy male enhancement.

The problem with my weight loss pills for the first time that viewers of your website, I learned quite a lot from reading the description of some of the products. I start I want to use Passion Rx, and I am concerned about taking this with other products for weight loss called Hydroxycut or Lipo 6. This is gonna take me, but either Hydroxycut or Lipo 6, and you want to decorate my libido Passion Rx and also for me, I want to shed off the excess fat is an avid exercise enthusiast. How can I take both products together?
We do not recommend that you use Hydroxycut or Lipo 6 with the Rx and Passion. They are a powerful side effect of restlessness, hyperthermia, increased pulse rate, insomnia, such expressions are powerful libido, we may encounter, including the suggestion to use it on your own , And you too, and it may take a capsule every half day, have improved gradually over a period of weeks with less sexual side effects. See testosterone booster.

My friend, If you love Passion Rx products, it is because I take it every day, to know if it is okay if you can cause weight loss or gain it.
Every day, every third day, two days off and then more than two days ago: There are several options. That it actually works better when you take off the day, there is no need to be taken daily. It does not seem to affect weight gain or loss.

Drugs Wellbutrin me is a woman who was beginning to enjoy the effects of it and started taking Rx Yohimbe and passion. My doctor prescribed me Wellbutrin. I noticed that it is recommended that you do not take the same day you take an antidepressant. Are taking certain anti-depressants every day. Can you tell me if there is any problem with taking both?
Some people can safely take both, but there is a scene so we can not tolerate the combination of several individuals, please try our recommendations carefully. If approved by your doctor, you can use half a capsule to avoid nasty side effects just in case.

Voices of Passion Rx that I 48 have noticed a decrease in sexual arousal and performance over the past few years. See ron jeremy male enhansment. I'm not taking the natural herbal sexual enhancer before it was quite skeptical. However, I recommend it to my friend had a passion Rx users. You maybe interested in pill erection. I took a capsule of Passion Rx two days in a row, towards the end of the day I began to notice that the two had sexual thoughts more often. You maybe interested in male arousal problems. I did not take the capsules libido third day was still growing, but it seems I was feeling better. I noticed that was back when the full force of my sexual passion, and on day 4 in the evening, took the capsules before breakfastBitsu toward the middle. That night my erections are stronger than I can remember in several years, was more persistent. I had that I do not want to be even more exciting, so I took half a capsule five days. Sexual enhancement, even though I do not have drugs to more and lasted for two additional days.

Most people are aware of the benefits of the fourth or fifth day. Some faster, others may take several days to achieve full sexual benefits. Thanks for the feedback.

I was skeptical of the herbal formula for sexual pleasure, my cousin, I am convinced it is worth Passion RX. First day, I have noticed more energy and attention ability with a more sexual thoughts and better vision, I realized I was turned on briefly, to be intimate with someone When you could not believe was the afternoon of the second day. I have had a great sexual relationship with my husband, I felt his private parts that evening seemed more sensitive than I was touched and remember more than five years. Passion Rx I take the next day did not feel well after a long day still excited. It's not like you need to take Passion Rx two days of the week I just carry it over the next few days. Check out also best beds for sex. It is a bargain.

It was delivered to me in India. I am quite happy with this product should tell you that very effective. I recommend it to other supplements associated with the erection lasting for an effective and more frequency in terms of you?
Some people may find additional benefits from fish oil capsules and prostate Power Rx for days that are not being used to receive a passion.

I would like to tell you testimonial Passion Rx that worked for me. Finally, the product can do what it says. I was supposed to address the problem of erection and tried other similar products. I have tried the Passion Rx, in two weeks, I have experienced positive results. Products We Thank you.

I have been allowed so far very satisfied with the Rx and have taken his passion for more than a year. Prostate Power Rx I take off and take it on schedule every day. Check out also sex enhancement? The day. This is not my place in the past and it works fine. But I was close the last couple of days I was unable to maintain an erection. Check out also male stimulants. If you have suggestions I do something? m is the question exactly?
Perhaps we have developed a tolerance. Take some time off a month full of all sexual herbs, please try again, and at least take a week off every month. In addition, Yohimbe may consider another version of Passion Rx. Tolerance can be developed into some sexual herbs.

I found your excellent web site by chance, indeed, for very valuable information it provides, as are a regular visitor. I also began to immediately order a physician from the equation, but has been very satisfied with the quality of the product, I will be preferable to have many choices to choose from among several products . I also would like the following comments: I have tried the RX without Yohimbe your passion, since it is the first pill, which works perfectly. But that half-bottle (I took one tablet as prescribed every other day) After, I stopped working for me, I would probably develop some kind of tolerance for it seems to have. See top ed supplements. Superior products and information for businesses and growing prosperity, thank you again and my best wishes for.
Thank you. We are good people they are used for the purpose of Passion Rx improve sexual behavior while taking a break, and most herbs, and found. Check out also erectile dysfunction ed.

Q. I recently purchased the Rx Yohimbe and passion, and fasting for 15 minutes before breakfast, take a tablet every morning and have not noticed any effect on. I decided to take two tablets and again no response. I'm in good shape 46 years, and men, exercise every day. Check out also how do you get erectile dysfunction. I am a little from this product, "the kick" was wanting. Q After I read many really believe it, but I like on your website, rather disappointed with this product. I also like positive marketing of the Rx for your passion, I can understand that, rather disappointed. (Sorry about pun!) Comments that what can I say?
We follow these suggestions and A. Please tell us in two weeks.

Supplements that contain the multivits, 40 minutes, at least maybe not a prescription drug what will hopefully take off three days, the time before meals morning, avoid coffee taking the capsules, Rx passion, drinking decaffeinated coffee, or simply off ratio 2, with two days of Passion Rx, and you take off ratio, it is convenient to do passion and RX
Eat cold water fish such as halibut or salmon at least twice a week, you can use every day one or two fish oil capsules

Q. response - it will take no other supplements on an empty stomach, seems to have a difference, I noticed on the second day and a great sense of erection and libido and feeling more day. Wow, it actually works now.

Hi Q., me? m is the mind power - and passion Rx - a product with an interest in Rx. I was wondering how the capsule may be opened and mixed with juice or protein shake. This damage is what food before it enters the body? Does Passion Rx leads using penis enlargement?
A. Passion Rx is potent because it could cause excessive stimulation, we prefer not to shoot it the same day and other supplements. That when you use half of the capsule first empty stomach shake to see if it works for you also, plus try to mix it, Rx passion, breakfast in water and juice taken with reference in. View penis hardon. This works well in the morning at least 20 minutes before the penis enlargement for more informtion.

Q. My department and I erectile dysfunction help book "Natural Sex Booster" was purchased at the same time, I have a passion Rx (Yohimbe) as needed to obtain and Tongkat Ali. View health sexual supplement. I first tried to work a little then, and all other information that disappeared almost nothing, love. I can see a partial erection the next day and just take the whole night Passion Rx with Tongkat Ali 2. View sexual enhancement pill. It works two or three days, it does not improve. See natural erections. Side effects, so it does not exist, I know. I tried the cialis and Viagra, they were horrible. If there is a possibility that you have any suggestions, I just wondered. View treatment for premature ejaculation. I am in good health and I'm 73 and have never taken any medication.
A. These products are used to make a difference how big or how it works. The main point about Passion Rx and sexual herbs is that they take no more than two days of fasting in the morning and row. In addition, Passion Rx and Tongkat Ali, please do not use the same day. You can take a holiday herb works well in practice. It is used for the body if taken all the time. View biggest natural penis. Herbs, not to be the most effective drug in the first two days or three days, the first night and take it very differently. See does man up now work. We took off from these herbs at least four days after it has been proposed, which suggests a retry.

HIFU for prostate cancer three months ago that I am 48yo Q. (high intensity ultrasound) had ... Re: It's new and expensive non-urologists performed by the United States, Mexico and Canada The treatment of the FDA . Check out also make it last... it is a noninvasive ultrasound method ... I have a wonderful and some issues, in all but powerless to go into was not .. anyway, they're patient (all not a bundle of nerve damage) and only three months after the procedure, however, the tingles of my penis, I still can ejaculate like, before I complete my HIFU You can not recover erections. I was thinking to try your product .... It stimulates the activity of blood to my penis, the prostate through the urethra (to achieve, you still have my prostate capsule) or. .. Meanwhile, another, this is the standard treatment in a few years
A. The site I wish you great success in treatment. We are however really, so can not say definitely, we do not have feedback from users of the Passion RX that is your situation, Rx and passion Yohimbe is performed to increase blood flow to the penis, the user Most of the are very happy.

I am about that your expertise, experience, intuition Q. I do not respect the power and has written decision. I have taken in the PA is the power of passion. In the spring of last year I treat-ray sources of radioactive seeds become active in my six months following I just injected, ie, prostate cancer was being treated with (early stage, slow-growing, localized and others), was diagnosed with. My question is, when I received this radiation internally is whether I can take the passion power during this period. View longer sex. I feel that there is likely to restore sexual function and the power of my passion HEP. On the other hand, I have one, they say, because it can protect cancer cells against the harmful effects of radiation, the literature on whether to use antioxidants during radiation therapy I know that there is a dispute, rather than the recommended daily allowance as dcotor told me to take my multivitamin supplement tablets only covers one high dose of antioxidants. See penis enlargement with ed injuctions drugs. Even if what I have from you if possible, I would appreciate your comments about the validity of the power to take your passion capsule. If you have any recommendations for products to withstand the conditions of disturbed me, please let me know. Check out also man up now sex pill reviews.
If your doctor agrees A., in two weeks may be allowed two days a week or a week or Prostate Power Rx Passion Rx 2 days using a combination of no more than two or three days.

Q. I ordered a bottle of Passion Rx with Yohimbe recently, 5 it together - or will it be safe to take the HTP.
A. We will not recommend using them on the same day. You maybe interested in best ed supplements. 5 - HTP can also dampen sexual desire.

Is there anything wrong with taking the Rx Q. passion after the pipe cut ? It seems to be sending mixed signals to your body.
A. We are not aware of the problem to the use of Passion Rx after vasectomy. Vasectomy is to prevent pregnancy, and does not interfere with intimacy and sexual drive.

Q. I want to know whether it's best to get a good erection Passion RX?
A. Many people find the use of lead to better erections Passion Rx. Benefits in most cases, within hours are seen, such as Viagra, has been using a few days later. We are more than two days off, we recommend that you use it for two days every other day or above. Passion Rx is used when the heart or blood pressure medication and may not work, and we have heart problems, and recommends the use of their product.

One is currently receiving while trying to do both passion and Q. You maybe interested in the male erection. If some Androgel, Androgel therapy must be one completion? Although I did ask my doctor about the herbal supplements such as Passion Rx, a position he can not he re-stated recommendation. Herbs and herbal treatments at the same time Androgel.
A. Passion Rx is a powerful, therefore we prefer not to use hormone supplements and powerful use of all of the same day as Passion Rx. In the long term, most people, it is possible to shoot during the day is not used or received other hormone supplements passion, the passion should take two or three days per week Rx. Check out also how to increase libido in men naturally. AndrogelRx

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Q.RX I have been treated by external radiation for early prostate cancer. During the next nine months, until we are certain that it is gone, testosterone is not good for me since it aids prostate cancer growth.
So far my searches do not indicate that any of the herbs create additional testosterone.
A. Passion Rx is a blend of several herbs in low dosage. We have not done any studies with blood work to determine what kind of hormonal influence, or testosterone influence, this product has when used daily. However, Passion Rx need not be used daily, even 2 days a week is enough. We can't say one way or the other how Passion Rx influences prostate health. We don't suspect occasional use has any effect on the prostate but we can't say 100 percent with certainty.

Q. Will passion Rx decrease the effects of birth control pills? I am taking ortho-tri cyclen.
A. We have not tested Passion Rx together with birth control pills so we don't exactly know what would happen. Our best guess is that Passion Rx will not interfere with the effect of the birth control pill.

Q. How much yohimbine does Passion Rx with yohimbe contain??
A. Passion Rx with yohimbe is a proprietary blend and the FDA allows companies not to have to list the amounts and percentages as a way of indirect patent protection so that other companies do not copy and sell the same product.

Q. I am 60 years old and am currently on high blood pressure medicine and gabapentin for restless leg syndrome, nueropathy of some sort. My question is this, can i take a third of a pill [passion x] once or twice a week. I know this is probably a difficult question, but i ask it anyway. I am not over weight, exercise regularly and in not bad health.
Thanks for asking, but it is a difficult answer since if we say yes we could be put in a position of responsibility. We can only refer you to your doctor who needs to make these decisions for you and take responsibility. View pe control.

Q. My wife is 40 years old with two young children (3 and 5ys) . See passion rx review. I am 60 yrs. She has a low interest in sex and I have a strong desire. But when she participates ( 2-3 X month) she has one or two orgasms per night. You maybe interested in passion rx review. But she never takes the initiative and claims she is not very interested. She wants to increase her sexual appetite. And arousal. And has agreed to take a herbal formulation that does not keep her up at night . Her sound sleep and tiredness has been a issue. We were initially attracted to Passion Rx but were concerned with the side effects of keeping her up at night.
WE chose to use Hot Plants and she has taken ( double dose-- 2 capsules twice a day) it for three weeks without any effect . We also augmented it with a tincture from Paris that included Damiana and Muira puama for two weeks . The combined formulations have had no effect. WE are both quite surprised. Any thoughts? WE are happy to revisit Passion RX if we can prevent the effect on sleep. You maybe interested in increasing sexual desire in women!
A. It is impossible to predict which herb or combination would work in any particular person and in what dosage. Most of the sex herb can cause insomnia when used in high amounts. Check out also best male libido pills in south africa. One option is to use half of a capsule of Passion Rx or Passion Rx with yohimbe every other day or try other options such as CDP-choline, lj100, or other options listed in Natural Sex Boosters.

Q. Can you tell me weather Passion Rx is helpful for premature ejaculation and for maintaining a harder and longer erection.
A. Many people notice a longer and harder erection within several days. As to premature ejaculation, we have not had much feedback whether it has a significant effect one way or the other.

Q. Will Passion Rx cause blindness or any type of vision problem.
A. No. In fact, Passion Rx without yohimbe actually improves vision.

Q. I am interested in using Passion Rx. Please explain the rationale for including Trimethylglycine in the formula,
A. Passion Rx is formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian. He is the author of Natural Sex Boosters. He apparently believes that this substance is helpful for sexual purposes.

Q. I'm 47 years old male in great health my blood panel is all in the normal range, I have mild impotence, i wake up every night with a full erection but quiet often i have trouble achieving a full erection when needed, I've tried Levitra it didn't really work that well, plus flushing side effect, I even tried Tri-Mix injectable which works but the in inconvenience and sometime 4 to 6hrs priapism I dont like, I want to try passion Rx with yohimbe how much and how long should I take it. You maybe interested in best ed treatment?
A. Herbs are often helpful for erectile dysfunction, but it is difficult to predict how often and what dosage will work in any particular person. One option, if your doctor approves, is to start at one capsule every other day for a week. If the benefits are not enough, then the it can be increased to one capsule 2 days on, one day off. Sometimes one formula or herb works for one person but not for another. However, with enough trial and effort, most people find herbs are quite helpful. View erection pills reviews. Keep in mind that herbs take longer than drugs so one has to be patient. I have a question about this product. I have read the ingredients in this product and I have seen the same ingredients in other formulas or just slightly different than Passion Rx. Now what makes this product work so well, and other products that I have tried, not work so well. The ingredients you have in this product have been around for a long time. You maybe interested in pills penis. If the ingredients are that potent wouldn?t customers try more of this product than Viagra? I am just trying to figure out what so special about this Passion Rx product. Check out also sextagin yohimbe.
A. There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of a sexual enhancing product. The ingredients, whether they are just the powders or concentrated extracts, the amounts of the ingredients, the quality of the raw material, etc. Also, the product may not work well if the dosages are too high or too low. Viagra works rather quickly and many people want a quick effect and prefer a drug. Viagra only works for erection enhancement, not for sensation or libido. Passion Rx works in a more comprehensive manner and supports many aspects of the sexual response, but it does not work in an hour like Viagra. See sexual dysfunction drugs. Normally it takes a few days for the full benefits to be noticed.

Q. I ran across your website regarding Passion Rx, I have been a diabetic for about 20 years and have been having problems with impotence for about 6 years. I'm on Insulin, two types (Novolog and Lantus) about 20 - 30mg on each depending on my blood glucose reading at that time. I am also taking multi-vitamins, B-vitamin complex 100 plus since I have recently been diagnosed with pheripheral neuropathy I am also taking two pain killers (hydrocodone and gabapentin), plus I am also taking R-ALA to help the healing process on my nerves, about 300-600mg per day. View causes of ed in men. I was taking a special B vitamin (B1 and B12 extract) from WSN but didn't notice any improvements after 1 month, maybe I should have stayed longer, I don't know. You maybe interested in lasting longer. Anyhow, if I take a slow approach with Passion Rx product, do you think it would do any good ? I would consult my doctor (Kaiser) but they are so negative with any alternative medicines, they just want to keep me on drugs and I don't like taking drugs, I would rather try healing my diabetes with diet and exercise and supplements, this seems to be helping me control my blood glucose levels much easier and the R-ALA seems to be helping with my neuropathy, although it's a slow process. You maybe interested in men with ed.
A. It is not easy to predict the effectiveness or to predict the interactions between Passion Rx or other herbal aphrodisiac products and the various medications available used for diabetes and pain. Plus, there can be interactions between these aphrodisiac herbs and R ALA and other supplements.

Q. Many thanks for the impressive extent of your great (medically factual and caring) information and yet, the reason I?ve decided to write is because I?ve still got a question on Passion Rx product. Although I?ve read most (if not all) of this item?s background, I?ve found just one reference to the reality of ?vaginal dryness? (mentioned along with depression and/or living with children in clinical research section) and nowhere did I see Dr. Sahelian?s commentary on whether the Passion Rx herbs would address this issue? In other words, if such herbal enhancement of libido can be successfully achieved in a (in my case, postmenopausal) woman, would such biochemical activity also incite the healthier (adequate) production of vaginal mucosa? I do not use pharmaceutical drugs and for sake of one bio-similar/identical hormone, I do use an every-other-day formulation of T3/T4.
A. We have had reports from women regarding increasing lubrication within a week or two of using Passion Rx, but we don't have double blind studies to prove scientifically whether this occurs. We suggest starting slow at half a capsule every other day and please discuss with your doctor since you are on thyroid medications.

Is it fine to take Passion Rx with a glass of water with apple cider vinegar-organic or with a glass of soymilk-plain?
The capsule can be taken with an ounce or two of either liquid, and then a half hour later more of the liquids can be drank.

How would you compare Passion Rx to Viagra?
Viagra works very well to improve erections in men within an hour of use and the effects last up to 12 hours. Viagra is quite effective in causing erections, however it does not have much of an effect on other aspects of sexuality such as libido or sensation. On the other hand, Passion Rx, having only natural herbs, works slower over a period of 1 to 3 days. Plus, Passion Rx works in men and women, whereas Viagra is only indicated for men.
The best results are noticed on the second and third days of use. Not only does Passion Rx improve erections (not as immediately as Viagra, though), but it also enhances sex drive, interest, sensation, and stamina. Women and men love the effects. The overall sexual experience with Passion Rx is much more pleasant and natural than Viagra alone. Check out also do different sexual positions. Plus, Passion Rx doesn't have the side effects that Viagra has which include nausea, headache, runny nose, blurred vision, sometimes serious side effects such as chest pain, and there have even been reports of fatalities from Viagra. The most common side effects from Passion Rx are mostly increased body temperature and insomnia when more than 1 capsule is ingested.

I have had seed implants and focused beam radiation for prostate cancer almost three years ago. I have tried Viagra, Cialis and Levetra and none have the desired effect. Penal Injections have worked and I can achieve erections and orgasm with the injections. Would taking PassionRX have a better effect the pills and with less bother than the injections?
It is not possible for us to predict in any one person whether any supplement would have the desired effect. If your doctor approves, it is certainly worthwhile to try the Passion Rx with Yohimbe taken 2 days on, one or two days off, for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. See homeopathic herbal sexul problem penus size in urdu. I've noticed that you use the terms "support" when you talk about what Passion does. If Passion improves erections and libido, why not just say that it enhances instead of "supports"?
As much as possible, we try to abide by FDA guidelines. The FDA does not want companies to make claims on products, but will accept words such as "supports" and "maintains."

Will this product help vagina dryness from menopause? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

We have not tested this product in regards to vaginal dryness and we have not asked users specifically this question, therefore we don't know the answer regarding this particular matter. We hope with time we will get feedback from users about this question.

I am on Beta Blockers. Viagra is NO NO for people on this medication. How about your product passionrx? MB, Bangkok, Thailand
As far as we know, Passion Rx should not interfere with Beta Blockers, especially if you are cautious and limit Passion Rx to half a capsule a day.

I am taking medication for hypertension and have had a heart attack, with little damage so I was told. The medicine produced ED to the point that Viagra didn't help. Should I use your product while on these meds?
Only you and your doctor can decide if Passion Rx is appropriate for you. View rock hard weekend ingredients. We have some doctors who are recommending 1/4 (one-quarter) or 1/3 (one-third) of a capsule 2 days on, 2 days off which often provides a gradual sexual enhancement with hardly any side effects. However this low dose and slow approach takes longer (a week or two) to provide benefits than higher doses which work within a few hours or a day. The capsules can be opened easily and a quarter or a third emptied in a glass with an ounce or two of juice. I've had a myeloproliferative disease (a rare blood cancer) that's now in remission. Is it ok for me to use Passion Rx?
We get many questions from those interested in Passion Rx who have a variety of medical conditions. As you may realize, it would take forever to test Passion Rx in people who have all kinds of medical conditions since there are thousands of medical diseases. Plus, each person with a medical condition is biochemically different from another individual with the same condition. For these reasons, we recommend discussing with you physician before using Passion Rx.
However, we can make general statements that could help your doctor in recommending this product. It appears thus far that Passion Rx is safe to use when limited to 1/4 or 1/2 a capsule a day for 2 days on, 2 days off in most everyone except those who have a weak heart, or are medically frail. I'm taking Prozac. Could I take Passion Rx together with the Prozac?
The answer would be similar to the above question. it would take forever to test Passion Rx in people who are taking medicines or other supplements since there are thousands of drugs and supplement and herbal products. Plus, each person taking a medicine is biochemically different from another individual taking the same medicine. You maybe interested in herbal sex enhancer. For these reasons, we recommend discussing with you physician before using Passion Rx.
However, we can make general statements that could help your doctor in recommending this product. It appears thus far that Passion Rx is safe to use when limited to 1/4 or 1/2 of a capsule a day for 2 days on, 2 days off in most everyone except those who are on high doses of anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive medicines, anti-seizure medicines, stimulants, chemotherapy drugs, etc.

Can I take Passion Rx with yohimbe two days on and one day off continuously, ie, this pattern twice a week / every week or should it be taken like Viagra - only on those days when I wish to increase my libido / desire. Also, as some of the ingredients will probably increase testosterone production, will it enhance my gym workouts with increased stamina and muscle mass gains?
In the long run it is best to take this product 2 days on, 2 or more days off, and one full week off each month. This product does not work in an hour or two like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. We have not had enough feedback from users regarding benefits for gym workouts, so we don't know.

I am 26 years old and i have ED and I want to try passion Rx. i do not have kids yet. Is this sex promoting product going to affect my chances of having kids in any way (decrease / increase)? Will it reduce or increase sperm count or motility etc?
We have not done studies to determine the influence of this product on sperm count or motility, or determined whether it influences fertility. The feedback that we have had thus far is that this product is an excellent sexual stimulant that increases sex drive, pleasure, and performance. You maybe interested in man with erection.

I have been using Passion Rx since the first formula was released many years ago even before Physician Formulas was founded. View how does male enhancement work. Great product!! I want to share my current experience with you. Recently, I have been taking one-half of either plain or yohimbe Passion Rx alternately for two days in a row. On the third day I take one half capsule of a product called Finally on Demand which I purchased at Walmart. You maybe interested in men erection. I only do this once a week. Without fail, amazing results are received in one hour and last for at least 24 hours. This stuff is much better than Calais which never did much for me. See male sex drive. Some users of this Finally on Demand product report very bad headaches and stomach acid which is the same as for Viagra. Probably because I only take one-half of a capsule, I have not had any side effects except the stomach acid which Maalox takes care of. Its almost like this stuff has some unlisted ingredient(s) in it. Many of these are unknown to me. I am 66, good health, 6'3" and 190lbs. Most , if not all, of my problem is that my wife has little interest after hysterectomy and being removed from hormones unless I do everything myself. If I do, then it is good for both of us. She can't take Passion Rx because any type of herbs, no matter what they are, hurt her stomach almost immediately. View mens enhancement. I thought that you might be interested in researching these ingredients. One might come up with a new formula which I would be very interested in. I trust you implicitly and would certainly purchase from you. In any case, I will continue to order Passion Rx which I am sure has a great deal to do with my current success. The listed ingredients are: White willow bark Bombyx Mori L Ginger Root Cordyceps Extract Epimedium Extract Oyster Charcoal Green Coffee Bean Extract Vinpocetine 2DG Safron Crocus Wolfberry.

I have PassionRx with Yohimbe. Since then, my doctor has started me on Androgel for low testosterone levels. Can I still take the herbal formula as I have been satisfied with its results. See tips on lasting longer?
This is a decision you and your doctor need to make since each person is different in their results and how they respond to interactions between herbal products and medications, hormones. Perhaps the necessary dosage and frequency of use of the herbal formula may be less as a result of the use of Androgel. See how to treat premature ejaculation.

How potent is your product? There are a lot of these types of products on the market - have you compared your formula with other formulas on the market. Check out also how to last longer for men? If so what was the results and have you tried your product and what was the results. The reason i ask is that i have tried products in the past - only to be disappointed of the results. I think if there was truly a product that worked overwhelmingly - men would be buying it in record numbers and friends of mine would talking about it.
The Enzyte commercial about millions of bottles sold - Does Enzyte really work. View ron jeremy supplement review?
We have not compared this product to others, there are no such studies done. We have no idea whether other products work, but we do know Passion Rx with Yohimbe is one of the most popular sexual enhancing products on the market and we have a high rate of reorder. For a list of stores in your area that carry Passion Rx, see Health Food Stores list.

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