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Natural erection supplement food, herbs and discover we are in other areas of the site, you can discuss them. This vitamin can be found in herbs and food necessary for peak sexual health, minerals, amino acids, natural look like. If you get the right food for you, and the prevention or treatment of erectile dysfunction, you can get a long hard erection. Vitamins, minerals, supplements and other natural erectile amino acids, needs to eat food that contains, let's look at what's giving you a hard erection and libido too strong.


You can take the health effects of looking at it your Vitamins

Vitamin A

This vitamin helps to produce a hormone called progesterone is necessary for erectile function and libido. You maybe interested in do penis growth pills work.

Vitamin B

B vitamins are there because sexual health needs with a nickname for the vitality of Energy "sex vitamin" plays an important role in thiamine (B1) is (important for sexual arousal), most of the group One of the most important and is essential to neurotransmission. Energy and stamina

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, it also reduces cholesterol as well as to maintain a normal blood pressure, and ultimately helps to increase testosterone is important for it, in order to maintain a strong capillary and venous Both energy and libido is necessary for proper immune system function to help prevent illness and disease, which plays an important role.

Vitamin D

Most of the vitamin D the body, and affect mood and libido that comes from our skin to sunlight. If we lower the level is high level when we get depressed, feeling happy, have a strong sexual desire. If you want to consider this fact is evidence of impact on your sex drive - much baby has been conceived in the summer than in winter.

Vitamin E

This vitamin, it is also a powerful help to maintain the freedom and health of cell membranes from damage of free radicals that speed up the aging process required for the synthesis of prostaglandins that are required for sexual health best The anti-aging antioxidants.



This mineral is found in high concentrations in the prostate, which is required for prostate health. In terms of sexual health is necessary for the health of the sperm with ITS to produce testosterone necessary.


Magnesium is present in small amounts in the body, helps the production of sex hormones such as androgens such, also help to produce a given neurotransmitter dopamine and norepinephrine, such as a high sex drive in men.

Iron I

Iron can store oxygen in muscle cells. If you have enough iron, then lead to chronic fatigue affect libido, you can not properly synthesize ATP. Men are usually at risk for iron deficiency and is required for most vegetarians.

Amino acid


This amino acid, "viagra nature" or "pill naturesBlue" is called, is seen as a great supplment for sexual health. L 'Arginine, nitric oxide helps to generate necessary to mitigate the m of the vessel leading to the penis. When the blood vessels to form an erection, increased blood flow to the penis relaxed helps to maintain.

L - norvaline

This amino acid, to help boost blood flow of blood to the penis, L - Arginine works in conjunctio. View treatments for premature ejaculation. It is, L - not only to increase the effectiveness of arginine, as well as features to help the body absorb better. See natural erection supplements.


This amino acid, improves memory and helps prevent fatigue also have been seen as a great supplement for the brain. In addition, the body's nervous system helps to optimize the final, to increase the levels of neurotransmitters, helping to produce vitamin D

Other important natural supplements


Niacin helps digestion and fat processing, it can also reduce cholesterol. In terms of sexual health, niacin, and wider, and therefore, it is by opening the artery to be a great supplement to increase blood flow to the penis, improving blood flow .

Essential fatty acid

Omega 3 is known in nature to give general health, and is great for increasing blood flow around the body also for the health of the brain, rich in nutrients, like, evening primrose oil, fish oil, and such as nuts and oily fish can be found in the krill oil.


Selenium is an antioxidant, is essential to the proper functioning of your thyroid gland is the need for energy and libido has been placed in the testis and vas deferens is almost 50% of selenium in the body and eventually also. See mens erection. When a man ejaculates, because they lose selenium in their semen, sperm must be healthy if you need to get enough selenium. You maybe interested in erectile dysfunction statistics.

Nutrients for peak sexual health

To enjoy a hard erection and lust above, is also essential nutrients they can find all the best foods for erection and find them with the number of time-tested herbs, you can check the best Harder erections for herbs. If you get them all, these nutrients, which means that you need to obtain all the nutrients of the peak to enjoy your health. Check out also hard erections.

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