Sexual Function For Men With Spinal Cord Injury

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Spinal Cord Injury - InfoSheet # 3
Date: Revised, May 2007

Spinal cord injury ability to father children in their sexual function and biological (SCI) and many men experience changes. Check out also how to last longer sexually for men. In addition to these physical changes, most men also experience emotional problems affecting their overall sex often. It is part of an overall adjustment to life after injury, understanding these issues is very important to deal with men and their partners.

Normal sexual function
Men typically have two types of erections. See penis enlargement capsules. The brain is the source of psychogenic erection. Process, can see what thoughts or arousal or sexual stimulation begins with listening. Signals from the brain, T10 - sent through the nerves of the spinal cord to L2 level. Check out also up all night sexual enhancer. Signal is relayed to the penis, which triggers an erection. Reflex erection, the penis and ear occurs in direct physical contact with other areas, such as erotic nipple and neck. Reflex erection, it is likely to occur without sexual stimulation that involuntary thoughts. Humans have nerves that control the reflex erection? Ability of the sacral spinal nerves (S2 - S4) has been placed. View rock hard pills review.

Sexual function after injury

In men with SCI, the ability to have a psychogenic erection, the level and extent of injury (complete or incomplete) dependent. In general, men with low levels of incomplete injury, may have psychogenic erections than men with higher levels of incomplete injury. Men with complete injuries are less likely to experience psychogenic erection. View best homeopathic composition to increse libido and sex power. However, most men with SCI are, S2 - if not S4 neural pathways are damaged, regardless of having an erection can be reflected by the physical extent of the injury stimulus. SCI is different for each of the injury may influence sexual function differently.

Many men with SCI are gaining an erection sufficient for sexual activity, it is possible to maintain erectile dysfunction (ED) is also common. ED, in order to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for the needs of his partner and his sexual desire is not human. Sometimes the ED problem for men who are newly injured, after injury, may develop at any time. Men with SCI are experiencing ED, you must have a thorough physical examination by a doctor familiar with SCI.

ED drugs

The first treatment options for ED is oral phosphodiesterase inhibitor drugs such as Viagra are almost always like that. View male libido? (Sildenafil), Cialis? (Tadalafil) or Levitra? (Vardenafil HCI). These drugs, by increasing blood flow to the penis to improve erectile function, self-management has been in the mouth and work. Men do not get an erection is not taking a pill. Erection also requires sexual stimulation. Once male sexual activity, blood flow to his penis should decrease and his erection should go away.

Study population, the primary endpoint, and the differences in measurement tools, make it difficult to compare all three drugs. However, all three study drugs, which seem to indicate that it is allowed by generally well-SCI men equally effective in the treatment of ED.

Remember, it is essential that you consult your physician before taking any medication. Treatment for men with ED when taken by certain medical conditions can be harmful. Some men may respond well to medication, or prefer one over the other. Appropriate dose can vary between the three drugs, men taking the same drug dose may be another answer. Because other factors to consider the level of side effects and possible injury, as required, it is a doctor familiar with SCI and ED first, for men with primary care physicians and their SCI probably the best.

Alternative treatment for ED

Available for those who do not respond to other treatment options, or can not take drugs orally. Because the risk associated with these treatment options to consider, for details, it is important to consult a doctor.

Penile injection therapy, the side of the penis, injecting a single drug or drug combination. This produces a hard erection that can last for an hour or two. You maybe interested in treatment for premature ejaculation. As a doctor's prescription, these drugs must be used correctly. This method can be used multiple times a week is not recommended. Penile injections are difficult option for men with limited hand function via the SCI. Therefore, he must have been assisted to get a shot.

Medicated Urethral System Erection (MUSE), or transurethral therapy is a medicated pellet into the urethra to the surrounding tissue is absorbed by it. This can cause blood vessels to relax, allowing blood to fill the penis. Drugs, alprostadil is the same as that used in penile injection therapy. You maybe interested in sexual erection.

The vacuum pump, for most men, is sufficient for intercourse, a mechanical option for producing an erection. Check out also testosterone booster. Cause blood is pumped from the cylinder is drawn is placed in the erectile tissue in the penis vacuum cylinders and air. Erection is maintained by placing a constriction ring the base of the penis. This ring also prevents urinary leakage that some men with experience of the SCI. Check out also enhance sex life. It is important to remove the ring after intercourse to avoid the risk of prolonged pressure and scratches. Battery-powered model is an option for those with limited hand function, you must press the appropriate function of the hand pump to the skin to create a vacuum and require a different model.

It is surgically transplanted penis permanent prosthesis is needed for the many cases, the final choice for the treatment ED. Procedure involves inserting the implant directly into the erectile tissue in order to get an erection. There are three types of implants: semi-rigid or malleable rods, fully inflatable devices, implants and self-contained unit.

Risk factors for ED treatment

Priapism is a prolonged erection. Failure to discharge from the penis with blood causes priapism. View male stamina enhancement. This can damage the penile tissue can be very painful. Men should seek medical advice immediately if the erection lasts more than four hours. Priapism is as soon as possible or lasting damage to the penis including the inability to have erections, must be treated as a possibility that can happen to occur.

Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) is a life-threatening condition for men with SCI above level T6. Signs of AD, facial flushing, vision changes are included and / or nose and headache. These symptoms are also possible side effects of oral medication so to know whether the common side effects of drugs for AD and symptoms are very difficult. Men at risk for AD, you need to consult with their doctor about what to do in case of developing symptoms. It is usually to stop their sexual behavior occurs is recommended for men.

Blood pressure checks are needed to determine whether you experience symptoms of AD. Is higher than normal blood pressure are associated with AD.


Female ejaculation is sperm? s vaginal insemination process typically begins during sexual intercourse. Motile sperm through the cervix, uterus, fallopian tube and moving. Male sperm, the woman's egg fertilization pregnancy outcomes.

Many men with SCI and its partners want a child. Most infertility treatments, there are some couples that have little or no difficulty, many men through sexual intercourse and the SCI, the children's father can not. Check out also men testosterone levels modern society.

Ejaculation problems are a major challenge to be solved for the men want to be fathers. View increasing labido. SCI's experience is no ejaculation of men can not ejaculate during sexual intercourse with his 90% of men. Another potential problem is retrograde ejaculation is a condition that claims to end the body through the urethra into the bladder instead of semen deposition is.

Poor semen quality is also very difficult for SCI men can be made in order to fertilize an egg. Men with SCI will make a normal sperm count, sperm motility average number of sperm from men with an SCI is 20% versus 70% of males in the general population. Did not know why there is an abnormally low sperm motility, which injury, age, years after injury, does not seem related to the level or frequency of ejaculation.

Fertility treatment

Men experience fertility problems should rely on alternative ways to improve their ability to father children. Because of the potential risks need to consider all treatment options there, Tsu the SCI, you should consult a doctor experienced fertility problems Noh Shita related SCI.

Semen quality is different, the exact cause of poor semen quality is unknown. Several recent studies have shown can be obtained for about 6-12 days of normal sperm after the injury. This is because some men at a later date to improve fertility, freezing, may be allowed a normal sperm. Dead sperm (necrospermia) Some men have a lot of you may see improvement in ejaculation through repetition. Otherwise, you can do to improve the poor semen quality is rare.

For problems of ejaculation, most men with SCI must rely on alternative technologies to achieve the parent-child relationship. Penile vibratory stimulation (PVS), which is used to achieve an erection, its main purpose, it is possible to produce ejaculation is for people who want to be a father. Variety of vibrator / massage, are available for this purpose. Some are designed with an output power required to induce ejaculation in men, especially of the SCI. View ejaculation premature. Estimates are expected to meet high-amplitude vibration by 55% of all males with a SCI, 80% is to respond if their injuries above T10 and. PVS is usually the first treatment option is recommended as a low investment of time and money. The research has suggested that semen obtained by PVS better quality, Electroejaculation rectal probe (RPE) is an option if you do not succeed PVS. RPE, rectal probe electrical stimulation of the physician inserts to produce a controlled electrical stimulation and ejaculation. You maybe interested in impotense. Sperm, RPE, or PVS, can not be obtained when using a small surgery can be performed to remove the sperm from the testicles. The collected sperm is used in artificial insemination techniques.

Sexual adjustment

Pre-injury life, perhaps, familiar routine was comfortable. Following the injury, but things can change suddenly. Routine pre-and post injury, usually have very different, and they are injured man to become a new life after injury, will face many changes in the physical and perhaps emotional . It is, SCI is to rebuild the next life, or intestinal SCI, to learn self-care issues, such as bladder and skin may take some time. If the daily self-management of their problems, sex is usually an important issue and is

Most everyone? Has established what is considered normal and opinions? Sexual relationship prior to the injury. Following the injury, you may need to change the view and the established routine.

Sexual adjustment is essential for the overall coordination of life in men after the injury. See how to cure premature ejaculation. Who has physical pleasure a man with a SCI, in which unknown whether there is or can be received well. You maybe interested in how to increase female libido naturally. Their loss of self-satisfaction, reliability, you may experience and self-worth. View erection sex. Over time, many men with SCI are starting to experience a deeper understanding of sexuality as a whole. See male erection enhancement. Hopefully they get accustomed to their bodies, their self-satisfaction, confidence, will regain lost self-worth and feelings. See penile enlargement pills. In addition they often have sex, find a hug and kiss hold hands in delight. Many men also experience a more emotional intimacy with loved ones.


Single men might wonder about the conditions that satisfy a potential partner. In reality, the difference between before and after the injury is not. Men put yourself in position to meet new people, there is a great opportunity to meet potential partners. When you meet someone, ask if that person's date, I will answer? Yes? Or? No. ?

It is common for men to take time to become comfortable with their bodies after injury, partners will probably need time to adjust too. Partners, and intestine SCI, bladder and skin care, you need to understand health-related issues.

Open, honest communication is essential for couples. If necessary they need to work together to manage heath related issues. Couples need to talk about issues that they feel for each person. The couple, explore the story, you can try out various ways in which romantic intimacy. Together, give the highest pleasure and satisfaction for both men and their partners can find a way to receive.

For men and couples that have difficulty in relationships, a professional counselor can help you handle common emotions after injury. This may include working through feelings of anxiety to establish or continue a healthy relationship after spinal cord injury. You maybe interested in male ed. Counselors will also be able to work as a couple in a healthy way to communicate.


Sexually transmitted disease (STD) risk of the same both before and following the SCI. Therefore, such men gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, you should take precautions to prevent STD's and AIDS.

They do not want to father children, men can ejaculate, you will need to be protected from pregnancy. Men must be protected even if you have poor sperm motility or numbers.

Engaged in sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and men unnecessary illness, male or female condom (latex / polyurethane) is recommended even if you are using another form of birth control partner . However, only condoms when used correctly, can be trusted 100%, not the most reliable. See my penis wont stay hard.

Men with SCI can be both romantic and intimate with their partners. You maybe interested in men sexual dysfunction. This information sheet is to address all issues related to sexuality for men is not more of the SCI. Sexual issues, please contact the physician.

Sexuality and sexual functioning (59 minutes)

The first part of this video, expressing their sexuality including such psychological aspects of sexuality, sexual adjustment, personal care management issues, body image issues and challenges faced, and relationship issues through Exploring the work. In the second part explores the physical aspects of sex following SCI for both men and women. This arousal, sexual function and dysfunction, sexual activity, and includes infertility

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