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Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction is unable to achieve or maintain penile erection firm enough for intercourse was successful human beings. ED, even though it is a benign condition, it is often closely related to many diseases. View how to fight premature ejaculation. ED is another underlying disease (eg diabetes) may be a symptom of. ED is strongly affected not only men, diminish the quality of life of its partners.

ED erectile dysfunction causes for failure of sexual impotence and ED

Today, erectile dysfunction affects 1.5 million men worldwide. 70 experience erectile problems have an ED after the age of 75 and 50% complete 40 years of men between twenty and six. And aging population, it is estimated that men have erectile dysfunction more than 32 billion worldwide by 2025.


Erection (swelling of the penis) nervous system is a complex process, including the blood vessels and spongy tissue of the corpus cavernosum. Male sex organ (penis) is composed of two pipe-like cave, called the corpora cavernosa. Under the head of the penis (glans penis) and the path that surrounds the urethra in the corpus cavernosum.

Sponglosum corona glans penis corpus urethral opening urethra

Blood vessels, nerves, smooth muscle, binding agents, and Blank (sinusitis), consisting of a spongy tissue is, the penis becomes erect blood, which can be filled with expansion. See does yohimbe work. The inner cavity surrounded by a thin layer of cells (sinuses) are venous. Spongy tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa, the tunica albuginea tunic office of the organization, are protected by a fibrous layer.

Erection is being done and how - open arteries, veins cavernosal

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The center is the result of stimulation of the spinal cord reflex. Visual and olfactory stimuli trigger expansion of the penile arteries and sinuses (extended). View yohimbe buy. Formed by endothelial nitric oxide (NO),, in the hardened penis, resulting in prompt expansion is a major factor in the expanded sinuses filled with blood. Venous sinus is enlarged by pressing firmly around the fibrous layer of the tunica albuginea, thus, preventing the outflow of blood from the penis. You maybe interested in ambrina in singapore markrt. At the end of the erection that is, to allow the erection fades and arterial blood to escape, to shrink the nasal cavity. You maybe interested in natural male enhancers.

Causes of ED

By the end of the last century, it is 90% of cases of erectile dysfunction with psychosomatic problems were caused by abnormal thought to be due to organic causes and 10 percent. Today we are the cause of erectile dysfunction is organic to know that more than 80% of patients. With the development of modern medicine, we are organic causes of ED, certain vascular (blood vessel), nervous system (neurological) and hormonal (endocrine) and found to be more common. Most patients with ED have a mix of mostly organic causes of psychogenic problems with basic low.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Is a rare form of psychogenic ED are more common in young men. It is often caused by fear of failure. In addition, stress may be caused by congestion and in the workplace. See testosterone levels men. Erectile dysfunction can occur when you find that you are pursuing a sexual act with another person or party who is more cheating. Characteristics of psychogenic ED is to be achieved under certain conditions such as those with nocturnal erections such erection yet, you can achieve erections or masturbation. Check out also male sex enhancement pills.

Organic erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the cause of organic erectile dysfunction in 80% of cases ED. View indian god lotion spry in delhi store. The reason is that the various habits and disease, renal vascular endothelial cells and sinuses (endothelial dysfunction) may lead to nerve damage and / or.

Lifestyle and Customs

Lifestyle has a little physical activity, are known risk for developing ED. You maybe interested in increase libido in women naturally. Overall increase in BMI is linearly IIEF questionnaire - has been associated with reduced 5. In addition, smoking, habits such as excessive drinking and drug abuse can lead to the development of ED. Significant independent risk factor for developing ED. See how to keep from getting an erection smoking.


And 40% of men achieve an erection is 40 years, have at least the initial difficulties. This percentage is 70 years of age gradually increases with age and have the results show that 70% of men with ED. However, age is not necessarily associated with ED.

Atherosclerotic disease is a blood clot in the normal coronary

Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease (blood vessel) is the most common cause of ED. Led the development of atherosclerotic disease, especially the factors that support, smoking, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia and diabetes,.

Atherosclerotic disease is affecting the blood vessels throughout the body, systemic disease. ED is coronary heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction), there is evidence that a strong predictor of the development in order to diagnose. The lumen is significantly smaller than the coronary artery of the penis. View impodence. Disturbance of blood flow is usually occurring in the first of these small vessels.

Low blood pressure hypertension high blood pressure


Arterial hypertension, is a major risk factor for developing ED. See how to keep from getting an erection. The study found that 68 percent of developing erectile dysfunction in men with high blood pressure so much.


Or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) high levels of low-level is an important risk factor for developing ED. See how to keep from getting an erection.


ED has been 35-75 percent of patients develop diabetes. It occurs in patients with diabetes than in non-diabetic patients more frequently than three times. View mspf last longer review. ED, eye damage (retinopathy) and kidney failure (nephropathy) in patients with diabetes is more common experience. The ED may be the first sign of diabetes in 12% of patients with diabetes.

Neurological disease

ED, brain injury (trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease) can be caused by. You maybe interested in impotence pills. It is the spinal cord (- Through the injuries, especially paralysis) may be the result of damage to. Diabetic neuropathy, iatrogenic nerve injury after surgery (radical prostatectomy) but it also may be caused by a defective peripheral nerve.

Diseases of the lungs, liver, kidney

ED, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) occurs in 30% of patients. ED has a 50% of patients with chronic liver failure. Alcoholic cirrhosis, ED 75% of their patients, and renal dysfunction (kidney failure) is responsible for half of all patients have occurred in the ED experience.

Iatrogenic causes of ED

Small pelvic surgery may damage the nerves and blood vessels necessary for normal erection. Such intervention might lead to the ED, especially radical prostatectomy, bladder, and aorta bifemoral bypass with resection of the rectum.

20 to 75 percent of patients irradiated for malignant disease, occurs when the onset of ED. ED, may occur immediately after exposure, may develop over several years or it.
Many medications also can lead to worsening of erectile dysfunction. Hypertension (blocker , calcium antagonists, thiazide diuretics), antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs, antiarrhythmic drugs (digoxin, amiodarone), drugs that affect hormone status (LH - RH agonists and antiandrogens, estrogen, spironolactone, and cimetidine) drugs to treat.

Endocrine system - the pituitary gland, thyroid parathyroid pancreas testes thymus adrenal

Endocrine causes of ED

Diabetes, hypogonadism and hyperprolactinemia is a major metabolic abnormality could lead to the emergence of ED.

Diagnosis of ED

The diagnosis and treatment of ED, is primarily important and open conversation. Talking with your partner, may help to alleviate the problem somewhat. The problem should be discussed with your doctor without shame or stigma.
In assessing the degree of ED, the physician to check medications IIEF questionnaire that the patient is taking - use 5. Check out also whats an erection. In addition, the history should be based on clinical examination. Doctors are also addition, they measured serum levels of glucose, etc., basic laboratory tests, fat (lipids) to perform tests for metabolic disorders and liver and kidney (disorder of the metabolism of testosterone), obesity, hypertension, pay attention to such functions. In the case of suspected endocrine disorder, a certain level of testosterone is detected in the serum.

ED treatment

Despite modern treatment for ED, it is often taboo, many men are embarrassed to seek professional help and are still afraid. Basis for successful treatment is frank and honest conversation and encouragement and understanding partner.

Tablets as well as the use of First Instance of the modern treatment of ED, lifestyle change, based on a recommendation to check for leaks. We moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and no smoking, reduce weight, we recommend that you get regular exercise. A visit to psychotherapy also helps in the treatment of organic ED.

If hypogonadism is suspected and we can either measure the level of testosterone level is too low, men are prescribed testosterone enhancer. View erection dysfunction.

PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment of ED

PDE5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors that revolutionized the treatment of ED (PDE5) was a discovery. See how can i last longer sexually. PDE5 inhibitors are the only approved Viagra (as sildenafil citrate ), Levitra (vardenafil) , Staxyn (vardenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil).

These drugs include nitrogen monoxide (NO) enhance the effect. NO, increase blood flow to the penis in men, thereby not vasodilation. Drug on its own does not work, only occurs if there is enough sexual desire and erectile stimulation. Because prescription drugs have certain limitations and precautions, it should assess the patient's ability to participate in physical activity and sexual activity.

PDE5 inhibitors are nitrates (angina), should not be prescribed to patients who are not taking. In addition, -receptor blocker (BPH) to use in conjunction with PDE5 inhibitors is not recommended. See maxbido male sexual enhancer reviews. Combination, blood pressure (hypotension) can lead to lower. We recommend the -interval of at least 6 hours between intake of PDE5 inhibitors and receptor blockers.

The dosage should be adjusted in patients with serious liver or kidney disease.

PDE5 inhibitors, the negative list (to be paid drug) is typical of health insurance under. Therefore, these drugs are usually white, durable drugs (used in patients 1 year) has been defined as.

Drugs are also available through several online stores. In these cases, the drugs often, you are not being tested contains less active ingredient than is declared, in extreme cases, be harmful.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not buy drugs over the internet shop and other PDE5 inhibitors was not validated. We give you a prescription to you, we recommend that you talk about your problems with your doctor can have access to quality drugs from licensed pharmacies.

Injections for ED - located on the side of the penis sea level

Injection material for ED

When treatment with tablets is financially unsustainable, can be used as an injectable material. The most commonly used ingredient is alprostadil today. Alprostil, regardless of sexual stimulation produces an erection. Erection lasts usually 30 minutes to 2 hours.

When erection lasting longer than 6 hours (no matter, spontaneous erections, erections PDE5 inhibitors oral erectile alprostadilom of whether or) you need to visit a doctor immediately. Infusion of vasoactive substances in the body should be administered to the corpora cavernosa.

First, determine the injection by a doctor. Second, ask your doctor about injections can be administered by patients themselves.

If the medicine the doctor is expected to be able to inject safely and properly by the patient, the prescription is issued, the patient can inject medication at home prior to sexual intercourse. You maybe interested in causes erectile dysfunction. The man self-injection is not possible, the partner can also be administered by injection. Check out also pills that give you energy.

Despite the side effects are rare we do not recommend more than one administration per day without the infusion. The potential complications, the puncture site (hematoma, infection) is normal. Rarely, the occurrence of an erection lasting more than six hours requires an immediate visit to the doctor is not.

Vacuum pumping system for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the elastic ring

Vacuum pumps for ED

In second-line treatment of ED is the use of a vacuum pump. Check out also how to last. The pump creates a vacuum causing the penis to fill with blood and swell the veins. When fully erect penis, penis rings can be used to prevent the outflow of blood from the penis. You maybe interested in ambrina in singapore markrt. Penis is so experienced that you need to break into the vagina a few additional skills and more flexible erection does not fully cured on the ring. Check out also male sex drive. We suggest that no erection lasting more than 30 minutes, or rings that are removed after 30 minutes.

Surgical intervention for ED

The third line of treatment for ED is surgical intervention. ED is an early issue of blood outflow from the penis (ED veno-occlusive) If the cause is, we are the veins of the penis gartered.

The intervention has limited effectiveness. When the cause of ED is due to turbulent blood flow to the penis, surgery can be done in the arteries. Procedure is due to vascular damage in blood vessels from the ED is a relatively small pelvis injury (injury without atherosclerosis), it makes sense, especially young men have been kept.

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