Erectile Dysfunction - Diagnosis And Treatment Options At Mayo Clinic

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Mayo Clinic specialists have erectile dysfunction (ED) has extensive experience and expertise in patient care. You maybe interested in sx male enhancement. As well as erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction curvature of the penis also means the prolonged painful erection not associated with premature ejaculation and sexual desire. In addition to providing care, Mayo physicians are engaged in ongoing research to find causes and solutions of the condition.


Mayo Clinic is a comprehensive assessment and specializes in men suffering from ED. Ultrasound, and cavernosometry including cavernosography, penile blood flow to determine - these assessments include the latest imaging techniques and a thorough history and physical. Read more about diagnosis of erectile dysfunction .

Treatment option

In addition to the traditional medicines used to treat ED, Mayo Clinic, we offer specialized services such as treatment of blood vessels and machinery. View erectile disfuction. Cause and severity of ED is an important factor in determining the best treatment or combination therapy. Read more about erectile dysfunction treatment options.

About Erectile Dysfunction

ED, affects American men 15-30 million. Almost all men are suffering from this condition at some point in their lives. In the past, ED was attributable to psychological factors in general. However, recent studies are usually vessels of the penis (blood supply) system-related medical problems, indicates that more like 75% of all cases resulting from the ED. Vascular problems that cause ED, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, may be related to surgery or medication.

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